A commentary by Lady Aliana


Real vampires are not what you see in the movies and on popular TV shows that are on television today. I would strongly suggest that teenagers who are looking to hop the vampire popularity train learn as much as they can before they decide that the way of the vampire is for them. You are not turned or bitten or seduced into a vampire. You are born one! Either you are one or you are not. You cannot sustain your own energy and life force. Therefore you must obtain it. I do often wonder what will become of the real vampire in our world today? Will we be taken seriously or laughed at and I just fear that in time it will be watered down and turned into more of a fad than it is today. REAL vampires take their condition seriously and if this is just a game for some then I really pitty them for they are in for a rude awakening. (No pun intended for those who understand!) Please! Please! Get all of the facts about real vampirism from a reputable source before you just hop on the popular vampire bandwagon.. Please take care and until next time we meet.... Until the night! Lady Aliana


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