As we approch the year 2014 we have many choices, many ideals, many challenges to face as the Vampyre Community continues to come under a close watch as movies open and novels are written about the classic Dracula or Edward Collins...or whatever fad is about to become popular.. Ordo Crux Ansata follows these 9 principals.....

1. Never harm yourself or others. Always be responsible in taking what is precious and needs to be handled with care..

2. You are borne not turned.

3. Follow your gut instincts. If something is not quite right and you do not feel comfortable do not be apart of anything that you think would be wrong.. Immorally or psychically... DO NOT DO ANYTHING YOU MAY FEEL  YOU ARE BEING FORCED TO DO..

4. Continue to learn. Always be wise and cautious of anyone who tells you, you are not (something) ie: were/fae/otherkin/vampir. If you feel you have the vampyric condition and have been borne this way follow the path that leads you to your destiny.

5. Control your tendencies. Learn to manage your anger and be patient with others who may not feel the same way you feel.

6. Respect the mundane way of life. Some may not be able to really want to discuss what they feel about the way they are. (5 and 6 go together) Perhaps they do not understand what is happening to them. A spiritual awakening such as this take's years sometimes to develope and some may have to come to terms with whatever issues they have to deal with.

7. Even though we are vampyres. We still need others... Show humbleness and honor to those who have come before you.

8. Always screen donors if you are sanguine. Drinking blood/blood fetishism is a very serious thing and it is not to be taken lightly. That person will be a part of you and your donors needs always have to come have to be careful for yourself and others. Disease is very real and bloodletting is to be dealt with maturealy and responsibly.......

9. Be what you are but don't make a public spectacle of yourself.. (I have had to learn this lesson the hard way).. The OVC is a very sore subject with me. I have met some really wonderful people but I have also met some real nasty people who love to make life very hard on others. This is unacceptable... If you cause any type of drama that cannot be handled with talking. You are not welcome here... Under no circumstances do we tolerate yelling... cussing someone out...belittleing others... bullying.... and telling lies on others... I have seen it first hand and I have been lied about personally.. (me- Lady Aliana) so if in anyway you attack someone. You had better be ready...for them to take up for themselves.


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