Lady Victoria is one of the first people I met when I first came to Houston back in the late 90's. She is known as "princess" to some and that is exactly what she is.... She has fed me, she has clothed me, she has helped me with a place to live, she has helped with everything that a real friend could do for someone who is in need... Words cannot express how grateful I am to have this wonderful person in my life.... Real friends tell you like it is and she is one of those... hee hee... we have had our moment's, we have had times where we didn't even want to be in the same room let alone talk to each other.. ha ha but through all the good the bad and the ugly we survived and are better for it.... friendship's are built on what we can do for others and not what can they do for me? and honestly I don't know if I can ever thank her enough for believing in me and doing all the wonderful things she has done for me but the link shall never be severed. The tie that binds is great and this soul is one of honor, beauty, loyalty and trust.... thank you Victoria for all you do for me and everything you have done for me.. I am forever in your debt and I am honored to call you my sister...... :)
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