The Rest of the Story.............. by Lady Vamp Aliana

The House of Divine Night has went through name changes throughout the years. We have had members come and go but right now there are four core members who have been with me from the beginning. Numbers Night club has played a huge part of our unity. Ultimately we have been around since 1998 in one form or another and us four will always be the core essence of House of Divine Night. Together we have been though good times and bad through out all this time we are still going strong in our friendships. House members you can depend on who will always be there to have your back in times of crisis, need and getting things done are a key asset to having a successful vampire house. 

Everyone of my sisters has been there for me and I am very grateful for the wonderful friends I have in our wonderful city.  Houston is my home. Houston is a place where you can be yourself and I will never forget the first time I went to Numbers. I felt like a kid in a candy store... I met Angela I think the first night I went there she was wearing her Hello Kitty backpack with a black skirt with a slit going up to her thigh and she was play fighting with some dude and we just looked at each other. lol... thats all I remember and we have been friends ever since......Numbers here in Houston I think has been a place where many a friendship, relationship, marriage and dancing has brought so many together. It is the tie that binds many of us who have gone there for a long time... I know  it is a place where you can be yourself and express who you are and I love that so much......... Well in closing. We are the House Of Divine Night,  we are a small house, I believe in quality not quantity and with just the four of us its very easy for us to get a long the way that we do. I have found that real big houses sometimes have more drama than I would like to be apart of and we have enough being female. catty catty... lol... but there is nothing I would not do for my sisters and I am forever grateful to know each and every one of these ladies............

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