• Awakened in 1991 In Kansas City Mo.
  • Learned of the Sanguinarium in 1995 --- 1995 Started Lady Aliana's bloodlines. Website devoted to Networking and building relationships within the Community
  • Courts and Houses-- Court of the Shadow in Houston which later becomes House of Divine Night 1998, Texas 1998 Pronounced Calmae within Trylestus Montrose, Texas
  • 2001 Head of the Romantic Vampyre Society Founder of the RVS. A website devoted to bringing chivalry back to the vampire community.
  • 2004 10th Chair Elder on Vampire Nation Council of Elders
  • 2004 Magistrate House Of Annunaki Houston, Texas
  • 2005 Member of House of Ma'at Las Vegas Nevada
  • 2005 Began Ordo Crux Ansata in Las Vegas, Nv. then moved back to Houston to continue as All female vampyre House..
  • 2013  Founder of the Female Vampire Network
  • 2013 Council Member and Ambassadoress for HAVEN/ HOUSTON ALLIED VAMPIRES OF ETERNAL NIGHT
  • 2013 Council Member/Ambassadoress/ Admin for HOUSTON VAMPIRE COURT

Which brings us to today. Here we are and here we go!!!!! Ordo Crux Ansata is our creed and our House description more or less. I am so grateful to have met the people I have met along the way and I have learned so much about what to do and what not to do when running your own vampire house. There are so many things you are responsible for. I really have a passion about helping others in our community. I am not like others in the fact that I have an ego that gets in my way. I am still vampiric but I believe that you should always be opened to those who truly need advice and guidence. The Vampire Community at large has a great responsiblity to the public especially nowadays considering we have those out there who do not know how to control themselves. The "HOLLYWOOD" vampire must not be what the public thinks is a "real" vampire.. We must clearly define what is "real" and what is "fake" to the public at large. I do not know if you have noticed but the vampire is becoming a hot trend these days, We must take action and make sure people know the difference between "energy feeders" and "energy manipulators" and people who need to just plain see a shrink......I personally feel that role playing games are for entertainment and sometimes do more harm then good for anyone..this is the real world. So as long as you know the difference between fantasy and reality everything should go the way you want it to. Hell even I love an awesome game of Morrowind...........   :)

Article I had small interview in.. copy and paste into browser if you would like to read it.. :)


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